“Cold as the Pole in the Winter” – January FWA Photo pic
January 31st, 2011  |  by choorocca


So I woke up to a snuggly -18 Monday morning (without windchill) up here in balmy Southern Ontario, Canada….which instantly made me think of this crazy ass picture above, published January 1st, 2011, on FWAPhoto.com. (So that was me this morning, the Polar Bear, waking up and gazing out at the world….minus the Chernobyl-like smoke stacks and grim iron curtain landscape). Click on the pic to see a larger version via FWAPhoto.com…the image looks much crazier on a high-res monitor, preferrably Mac, 1920×1200).

I’m definitely a big fan of Chris Clor’s work. A few sneak peeks from his portfolio below, but check out Chris Clor’s website for a more complete collection of his outstanding work…it speaks for itself. I added a few more choice photos from FWAPhoto.com below too…check out the site for their monthly collection of photography.





A few more pics from FWAPhoto.com that caught my eye from January 2011…