True Jazz Rappcat ~ Madlib (interview @ Radio France w/ Laura Leishman)
December 28th, 2013  |  by choorocca

Madlib dans Radio Vinyle #32 sur France Inter by radiofrance

What up world? You can imagine how easy it is to fall of the off the face of Earth, or perhaps just want to hide or remain anonymous, in this modern Race of Rats. Then, I watched this interview on Rappcats recently and felt compelled to emerge from my anti-media broadcasting bunker of solitude.

For me this sort of candid, loose, real conversation-interviews speak volumes. You get a real sense of the artist – Madlib – because the Laura Leishman is 1) a genuine fan of good music, and 2) is asking questions that the Madlib is actually interested in answering.

I loved being taken back to the Liks and hearing about that pivotal time in Madlib’s career, not just because I’m an old rappcat myself, but because it’s a nice reminder of how far Hip-Hop as a lifestyle, culture and art form has come.