The Electric Mini-mix, DJ Kentaro on Mixcloud: Radio Vah-Deem
March 2nd, 2011  |  by choorocca

It’s not hard to get lost in “the cloud” these days. Yeah, there are clouds everywhere. Blueskies, clear minds…? Not so much these days. You’ve heard of the global climate problem right? Well, bring your umbrellas online too. It’s an data thunder storm “out there” if you’re not careful. Ha, I’m just sayin…but really, don’t get lost.

Me, I’m always open to new ideas, new music, new sounds. I’ve been floating around the Mixcloud for minute now and outside of my original fave contenders – Laidback, Moovmnt – the Cloud is getting much better. Now, I’m getting lost in these musical clouds of freshness, fark.

So DJ Vadim has now joined Mixcloud – Radio Vah-Deem – which is great. His new group The Electric with Sabira Jade and Pugz is set to drop their first record this month. Most recently, he’s posted The Electric Mini-mix with guest DJ Kentaro (Ninja Tune, 2002 DMC Champ, and the first ever Asian DMC Champ btw). Anyway, the mix is short, sweet and fresh. The sound? Electro-soulful-funk, with some west-coast hip-hop swagger, a dash of DâM-FunK and a drop of that 80s synth vibe – yeah, whatever that means.

Anyway, definitely worth a spin. Feelin the tracks Beautiful (LP Version) and Sometimes, those were stand out joints off the top. And, Vadim has always been dope and it’s hard not to feel Sabira Jade’s vocals. Plus, some nice (but sparing) cuts from DJ Kentaro – it is a mini-mix after all. Based on this, the upcoming album should be deeecent. More mini-mixes coming in the next few weeks too. Turn it up! Word.

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