Springing forward
January 14th, 2011  |  by choorocca


Ok, it’s minus 8 outside right now, sun shining, minimal windchill…straight-up balmy weather for this part of the world. O’Canada. So, I hit up Selectism.com this morning and came across these badass kicks – Lanvin Grey Jacquard High Tops.

Yeah, I know Spring is still a few months away, but with dope gear and apparel, you can’t go wrong staying ahead of the seasons. And old habits die hard…still an addict for sneakers. Between these Lanvin sneaks and the new line of Supra’s that are out, I’m torn like a washed up porn star. Fark.

Also check out 1TwoClothing.com…just linked these guys via Twitter and they defeinitely have some fresh Tees and gear in their catalgoue.


The Supra Skytop’s – Gunny Black Tuff!