One time fo ya mind one time…it’s ELmatic
May 12th, 2011  |  by choorocca

If you grew up with Hip-Hop in the late 80′s and through the 90′s (like I did), know that you were blessed to have lived through a massive change in (pop) global culture. Know that you have been blessed to have lived through a very special and unique time watching what some called a “Fad” evolve into a lifestyle; yes Hip-Hop, modern day urban culture.

Whether or not you grew up in the 80′s or 90′s, I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of the album Illmatic, by Nas. If you haven’t, go jump in a sewer and then Wikipedia it after. Anyway, most headz in their right mind would think that any attempt to re-do, remix or plain mess around with a mecca album like Illmatic would be career suicide. It’s either that, you got some King Kong balls, you’re plain silly, or you actually got some real mawfuhkin skills to bring to the very large, and very scrutinized Hip-Hop table.

That said, 5-blade-razor-sharp emcee from the D – Elzhi – did just that. With the release of Elmatic two days ago, Elzhi has propelled himself into a different league in the hard-knock ranks of Hip-Hop. This, in other words, is my way of saying Elmatic is a smashing success. Yeah, we’ve always regarded Elzhi as a dope emcee since back in his days with Slum, but for me, this release definitely shows and proves in a much different way. Fashawn definitely did a decent job in his attempt, but Elmatic tops that release. Just in time for the summer to roll around too. Word.

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