Operation: Dope Brand
March 7th, 2011  |  by choorocca


In our Digital Age, instant-everything-at-a-press-of-a-button (or touch-of-a-screen) socially networked mass culture, it’s easy to forget about the brand genius that came out of Hip-Hop street culture; Hip Hop artists, as self promoting, highly creative entrepreneurs. Russell, Diddy, Jigga, are some of the more ubiquitous larger than life Hip-Hop icons in pop culture, who figured out how to really leverage the hustle and flow format that Hip-Hop pioneers crafted way back when (well, uncle Russ was one of those pioneers). In fact, the brilliance of guerilla street branding and marketing is a cornerstone of Hip-Hop culture and testament to it’s genius and true creativity. Yes, Hip Hop, OG Brand Designer and original creator of street couture (and much, much more).

Anyway, as someone in the design business who works with and helps create brands, that’s why I love this new OPERATION: DOOMSDAY release so much. In this impersonal era of mp3 bootleg, de-value-the-hard-work-of-true-artists online culture, packaging your brand, your product, has changed dramatically – especially in the music business. “Artists” and Labels definitely do not put as much thought into how they market and package their product these days. It’s sad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I miss owning the record/CD; I miss the intimate association of actually owning the music physically – the extended interpretation of the artist and music through the cover art and the details of the liner notes! (although I’ve always been a “collector”).

I mean, you all know the story – it’s not that the “hard copy” product doesn’t exist anymore, it’s more of a change in consumer behaviour, driven by new systems of distribution that directs the consumer through digital channels. Yeah, and as a result, demand changes and as such, so does the product as a whole. How many record labels do you see putting out lunchbox double disc packages like Metalface Records?

That said, gigantic props to Stonesthrow for putting out artists that are still, Artists. Stonesthrow has been a fearless trendsetter in an industry that many thought was doomed. They’ve continued to forge ahead behind what they believe in and stand for – creativity and artistry – and have set the pace for other labels to try and follow suit.

And most importantly, let me give blessings and thanks to supremely gifted artists and true creators like MF Doom, who just know how to create an undeniable persona, character and unforgettable brand. I don’t think anyone has done it this well since the Wu (although Madlib is most definitely on par with Doom with his own twist on character development and brand brilliance). Yeah, Doom is the total package.

Note, this is NOT your regurgitated and downloaded a million times over web mp3 copy of Doom material you can find anywhere online, but OPERATION DOOMSDAY complete and remastered – the real deal. Available in 2/CD LUNCHBOX and 4/LP METALBOX sets, these ridiculously awesome collector’s items “each contain a 32-page lyric book and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs”. Stones Throw has an advance pre-sale for the lunchbox that started last week and starts shipping out March 28th. Who doesn’t need to transport their lunch in style while they listen to some serious, one-of-a-kind Hip Hop? Yes, it really is a perfect extension of the music, the man behind the mask, the brand, if you really think about it. The Doom camp obviously did. Yeah, Operation: Dope Brand, brand designers take notes!

Hit the Stonesthrow site for a full gallery of what comes inside your Doomsday lunchbox. Mind, body and soul people – stay conscious, word.

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