La Blogotheque, #41 Arcade Fire (Yeah, Canadian bands rock!)
February 16th, 2011  |  by choorocca

Yeah, as a kid growing up, before the advent of sofa button mashing, I loved the Arcade. What kid from my generation (born in the 70′s) didn’t? It was the ultimate escapism back then. And I also loved the outdoors, family camping when was the bomb: getting dirty, climbing trees, swimming, cooking outside and messing with fire. Seriously, what human doesn’t like Fire? Yes, Arcade; Fire. Is that cheesy? Ha, think what you want, I don’t give f_ck either way.

Anyway, so Miles Bonny tweets a link to this vid, The Future of Art. A good video and a good topic of discussion, check it out. Around th 4min mark, the video goes into a segment with Vincent Moon giving his take on “The Future of Art”, the web, the explosion of information and social networking…yada yada yada. His voice-over however, is set over part of Take-Away Show #41, with Arcade Fire. (I love The Take-Away Shows by the way). This came out back in 2007 so it’s been a while now, but I still watched it 3 times and then decided to blog about it. Total coincidence too that I happened on this again right after Arcade Fire just won at The Grammy’s and at the Brit Awards. It’s great to see brilliant artists being recognized for producing brilliant work.

So if you haven’t already, check out the video above. Make sure to read the recount of the making-of the vid on La Blogothèque (Take-Away Shows) site, filthygood stuff, all of it.

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