Year 4, Remembering godDiLLa: Behind the Beat (poster)
February 8th, 2011  |  by choorocca


So yeah, here we are approaching the end of the 5th year without godDiLLa….and DiLLa Month is already in full swing. In good timing, I received my Stones Throw e-newsletter today and the first 3 entires were all about DiLLa. What I love (and want for my own) is this 28″x28″ poster you can only get from the Stones Throw online store. I’m sure it will sell out like wack emcees, so get yours now.

FYI: Photographer Raph Rashid snapped this beauty of DiLLa at work in L.A. back in 2005, for a book of Hip-Hop home studios. More background on the poster here. Check out more on the book, Behind the Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios on the Stones Throw site.

I’ll leave all the tribute mixes to everyone else…instead, here’s a dope collabo by The Ins and Miles Bonny – a video entitled J. Birly. The tune is a cover of the classic tune “Just Because I Really Love You”, by Jerry Butler, one of the original lead singers of the Impressions (the other lead was Curtis Mayfield). DiLLA sampled the tune for the “Luv U” beat off the Donuts album. Classic shit giving life to Immortal shit. Word.

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