Herbert Baglione is a dope artist
May 8th, 2011  |  by choorocca


As a member of a generation that bridged old to new, I vividly recall in my younger days, how much I loved to draw, doodle, colour, tag, write. How I used to collect pencils, erasers, pens, tools for art, tools of expression. Somehow along the way, I ditched a lot of those wonderful old habits for typing and clicking.

I was with my my brother-in-law last week at his friend’s place – an artist who’s studio is tucked away in a back alley in downtown Toronto. Pretty much what you would expect at an artist’s studio, but it was a great little spot, and his friend is very talented. We’re checking out the piece his friend is working on and he turns to me and says, “You need a place like this.” “Yes,” I said, “I couldn’t agree more.” Considering the fact that I live mostly in the digital side of things these days, it was inspiring to be there. I would like to go back. Back to those old habits. Back to a time when the value of Art & Expression was different. This is not a resignation, rather, more of a plan to bring back and mix some of the old with the new. I think that would be healthy.

Yes, in our world that doesn’t stop, it’s sometimes hard these days to put a finger on anything. It’s Sunday nights like these, where I have to take those few hours for myself and revisit things that inspire me. Things that I love and love to do. Music, writing, art.

Above is a canvas put out last year by Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione, who’s art for me is definitely inspiring. Part of the South American graffiti movement for over ten years now, Baglione’s art, inspired by street culture, is a fresh take on the urban scape that surrounds him. Baglione does some very dope mural art-designs, but my favourite pieces are the stretchy human-alien figures he creates – rounded and elongated figures with clean, yet dramatic icons/symbols, often in balance with familiar urban architecture.

You can check out his blog here, or try Googling him too. I found a cool Flickr stream by “â–² = trashisfesch = â–²” who took one of the pictures below at a Graffiti Exhibition in Wuppertal, Germany back in 2007. Nice detail in the shot, well done.

Would love to get some of Herbert’s work as wall prints too. All his work is fuckin dope. Check out “The Run-Up”, a video by Walrus TV (Upper Playground) at the end of this post.




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