Filthygoodness: Colorfornian Street Artist, Chor Boogie – Color Therapist Extraordinaire
October 27th, 2011  |  by choorocca

COLORFORNIA – New Forms in West Coast Street Art

Dam it’s been more than a minute since I’ve blessed these pages with something other than 140-char snippets from my Twitter feed. Ugh, doesn’t feel right, but such is Life right now, so I’m content to know that I’m doing my thing – being a 24/7-365 Dad! And, being a full-time Provider…it all adds up to more than a full day, everyday. Word, Life.

But I’m here now posting something filthy to ChooOn… as fortune would have it via the digital channels of fate, I was lucky to recently connect with filthygood contemporary graphic/street artist named Chor Boogie, hailing from the West Coast – sunny California. He actually stumbled onto my site somehow…word up. Either way, Chor Boogie is a a supremely talented cat that you should surely look further into. I mean, I went through his site and was definitely surprised at the amount of theory and analysis he had posted on his work, his Art. Surprised because you rarely see an artist go so far in depth about their craft – gotta respect that. I also think that the more literature and information about the science, theory and culture behind (post) modern contemporary graphic art, the better.

So yeah, definitely worth the look. You can catch up with Chor Boogie on this blog or for more info on the artist, the art and bookings, hit up his main site Would love to do a more in-depth feature on Chor-Boog at some point…stay tuned, we’ll see if we can make it happen!

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