Can’t get enough Suff…
February 8th, 2011  |  by choorocca

When I first came across Suff Daddy a while back, it was one of those, “sheeeet, can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy….who the hell is he? Where’s he from?” type of moments, simply because….well, you just don’t hear much that stands out these days. And for me, I also love the fact that we’re seeing more and more quality Hip-Hop (production) coming from Heads all over the world – testament to Hip-Hop’s ability to build bridges, it’s cultural appeal; it’s ubiquity.

Quoted from the MPM site, Suff Daddy is: “Drunken boom-bap madness with a 2010 state of mind. Dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fueled with weed and Pilsetten. This is not your average Prenzelberg producer. Suff Deezy is on his own shit.” Yeah, recognize.

Quick notes on Suff…born, raised and resides in Germany; grew up listening to his big bro’s 90′s hip-hop collection; fave group was the Alkaholics! (“Suff” by the way means “drinking heavy” in German). For a little more info, check the Melting Pot Music (MPM) site. If you haven’t any of Suff’s music, go get some now….methinks you’re in for a treat. And, if you didn’t know, MPM also reps a list über talented artists…like Miles Bonny (who Suff’s done some sick collabs with), getting heavy rotation in my world right now. (Man, I’m lovin Miles’ music so much, I don’t want to share, watch it spread and see him go pop! haha…yeah, I know, selfish of me).

Here’s a good teaser vid to wet your lips; excerpts from The Gin Diaries, released last year, June 2010.

And in true Suff’s the official video for the lastest 7″ single ‘Gnac, ode to the joy of drinking cognac.

Ok…fine. I guess I can’t NOT plug some Miles Bonny after going on about his music…here’s that Suff-Miles joint off The Gin Diaries. You can cop MIles’ latest record – Incesnse and Wine – from his Bandcamp page for a mere $3. Ridiculous value for the quality of music if you ask me.

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