ChooOnThis idea. ChooOnThis train of thought. ChooOnThis new site, or new design. ChooOnThis new artist, album or new tune. ChooOn your food and digest it properly. mmmm….good. Hopefully, this site can make you feel like that every time you visit. Like you just ate something really delicious. Or, like you just discovered something cool, or interesting, or surprisingly brilliant. Because there is such a thing as Digital Lifestyle or Digital Culture. And because good ideas are what the world needs and people putting out good ideas need to be heard. So in the attempt to connect and discover, unearth and share – my hope is that I find and connect with interesting people, ideas, music, art, artists putting out positive, worthwhile content. Because everything worthwhile starts with a good idea. And, because sharing good stuff is just downright cool too.

I guess you could say that this is an opinion based blog. But maybe more so a place to find good ideas. Good stuff. Worthwhile connections outside of your everyday, played out MTV pop-reality (fake-ass, contrived) culture. A place you can go to find something to ChooOn – like a oozing cheeseburger off the grill. Say “Word” for filthy good (positive and uplifting) consumption for the body, mind and soul.

Go something meaty? Got something full of fibre? Got something super sweet or some sour tofu to dish? Hit me up at

*Credit to Minjae Lee and other artists (I can’t remember their names!) for the website’s artwork.