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February 17th, 2011  |  by choorocca


Up here in Toronto, we have a thriving urban scene….well, we used to anyway, in my pre-offspring days. So, I can’t really claim that that’s the case now (coz apparently, the city ain’t the same no more!), but I do know the T-Dot used host some world class parties – commercial and underground. Yeah, Hip-Hop, House music, Dance (hall), Raves, Rock bashes…you could find it all in Toronto. Like NY just across Lake Ontario, we didn’t sleep either.

I am thankful and feel fortunate to have lived through some of the “mecca” years of music and parties in Toronto at a prime age for that steez (the same way people who lived the 70′s as teens know now that those were times the world will never see again). At one stretch – from around say….’95 to 2003, but particulary around the turn of the century, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 – the city was especially bumping. My roots will always be Hip-Hop, but the House music scene was alive (and word up, I love House music). As under-aged high schoolers, me and the crew would hit up all the “warehouse parties” around the city, so the roots of my love for House music definitely comes from that experience. And know that the scene in 2000 was different than the late 80′s early 90′s days of House. (Yes, I was also part of the 25″ wide, straight-legged double-cuff bells with my Club Monaco sweater tucked into my pants accessorized with a 3″ thick belt and brown dress shoes, phase. If you don’t know what I mean, don’t ask…it was such a wack little phase, but yet so fresh then). Anyway, the “rebirth” of electronic music took on many forms. The House music scene in Toronto around the Millennium was swish; still underground and sweaty, yet somehow sophisticated, sharp and fresh; full of soul, depth and groove. Give credit to the guys producing the music and the DJ’s blessing us with the realness.

Here’s a quick walk down memory lane for local cats…
I remember the scene started “bubbling” starting before the millennium, specifically at a small boutique-ish venue called Bauhaus (on Mercer Street). One of the main promoters (Amir), ventured west into unknown land and opened a club called Roxy Blu on a small side street called Brant. I’ve said it before, but who would have known then that a small venue on Brant would be the seed to give birth to a King i.e. the current nouveau riche all over King Street West today. If you’re from Toronto and remember King West 10-15 years ago…it was pretty desolate. The only night life I ever remember on King, west of Spadina prior to Roxy Blu, was a joint called Mockingbird, formerly 606, now Cheval. Or maybe I just didn’t notice, or maybe it didn’t matter way back when, but Roxy Blu and little street called Brant sure changed things. Yeah, look at King West now.

I was fresh outta undergrad-school (1999) and onto some post-grad studies, but mainly just partying. Yeah, that’s right, I was younger, those were good times. And, it really helped that one of my best friends (and oldest Canadian friend) ran the door at Roxy Blu (and later, in his dĂ©nouement, Fluid, but eternal props to big Zarf for having the keys to the city! And the Roxy door guys…you guys were like fam at one point). Roxy hosted some of the dopest parties back in the day. Legendary I daresay, for Toronto. My faves? Definitely Junior Palmer’s Phat Black Pussycat with residents Trini & Rizla (Jason Palma came through quite a bit in the early days), and all the masSive DJs Junior brought through the place – ridiculous. Straight up filthygoodness. Felix and Gani’s Milk parties were off the hook – look how far they’ve come. Bump n Hustle still going strong, Garage 416 was dope and last but not least….those gotdam Movement parties – legendary moments in time past and yes, also the original reason for this post…(what can I say, I’m long winded).

Yeah, so Moovmnt.com just posted a new mix on mixcloud and it brought me back. Not that this mix symbolizes all those years of filthygood music, but more so because the name “Moovmnt” brought me back and I felt like I had to share my experience. So anyway, check out this mix by Moovmnt below. Not their usual schtick according to them, but dope nonetheless…always quality, word. Check out their site on the regular – they’re always dropping niceness. You can download the mix from their site. Or follow them on mixcloud, I’m sure you’ll thank me.

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